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Specialist Surveys

May 2018

Cork County Council appointed Moore Group to undertake a Kingfisher and Badger survey for Owenacurra and Dungourney Rivers. This work is due to complete in July 2018.

February 2018

Cork County Council appointed Cork Ecology to undertake an overwintering bird survey, focusing on the lower reach of the Owenacurra River and its intertidal zone. This work is due to complete in March 2018.

March 2018

Cork County Council has appointed Amelio Group to undertake a specialist CCTV survey of the Owenacurra and Dungourney Mill races and also carry out testing for connectivity along the Waterrock Stream. This work is due to commence in March 2018.

Cork County Council has appointed Moore Group to carry out an aquatic specialist survey for mammals (incl. Otters) along the Owenacurra and Dungourney Rivers. This work is due to commence in March 2018.

Ground Investigation

October 2017

Cork County Council has appointed Priority Geotechnical Ltd to carry out Ground Investigation works in the Midleton area. The works will involve drilling boreholes, excavation of trial pits and testing and monitoring (both on site and in laboratory). The purpose of this contract is to obtain information in relation to the geology and hydrogeology of the study area, which will allow a greater understanding of the interaction between flooding mechanisms and groundwater.

Works are due to commence in late October, and are programmed to take place over the course of 9 weeks, with additional monitoring and testing following the main works.

Priority Geotechnical Ltd will be in contact with landowners in the coming days to arrange access to monitoring locations, and your cooperation with these works will be greatly appreciated.

This contract is an important step towards developing a robust Flood Relief Scheme for the Midleton area.

Summary of Findings from 1st Public Information Day

August 2017

A total of 88 attendees registered at the event and 25 completed questionnaires and a number of letters and reports were received following the event.

Most of those that attended had a particular interest in properties or lands in the Study Area and explained the extent to which their properties had been affected by previous flood events and what they considered to be the contributing factors that resulted in the flooding.

The majority of respondents quoted the December 2015 flood event and general discussion included local experiences, the huge clean up and costs afterwards.

A number of residents queried funding of the project and timescale for start and finish of construction phase, which is currently envisaged for 2020. Midleton residents expressed concerns over not being granted insurance cover for flood damage and the cost associated with repeat flooding in the future before the scheme is constructed.

There were also a number of possible flood relief measures noted, ranging from direct defences to flood storage, dredging and tidal barrage.

As a whole attendees were very engaged and gave detailed information relating to previous flood events which will be of great value to the project. The design team is grateful for all input received and note that all of the potential flood relief measures will be considered as part of the Options Assessment, which contains a multi-criteria analysis.

Further details in relation to the Public Information Day will be included in the Constraints Report which will be uploaded to the website in due course.

Japanese Knotweed Treatment

August 2017

Japanese Knotweed Treatment Works will commence in late August/early September. Cork County Council’s Contractor (Japanese Knotweed Ireland Ltd.) will require access to lands to survey and treat Japanese Knotweed (and other variants). Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Geophysical Survey

July 2017

Apex Geoservices Ltd. recently carried out a geophysical survey in the Midleton Area. The geophysical survey consisted of 7 survey lines covering a combined length of nearly 4.5 km across a mixture of urban, residential and agricultural land. The survey will aid the geotechnical and hydrogeological investigation of the Flood Relief Scheme.

The survey provides information on the width, depth and extend of the paleochannel between rock valleys, the type and thickness of the overburden and depth to bedrock. A sample of the geophysical survey results with geological interpretation is shown below.

Japanese Knotweed

June 2017

Initial site survey works have identified Japanese Knotweed (an invasive plant species) at a number of locations within the study area. Japanese Knotweed is one of the most problematic invasive alien species. It has a serious impact on biological diversity, human activity and has a considerable capacity to invade new environments. It is widely distributed across Ireland.

If you encounter Japanese Knotweed, it is important to prevent the further spread of the species. Do not strim, cut, flail or chip the plants as tiny fragments can regenerate new plants and make the problem even more difficult to manage. It is also advised not to dig, move or dump soil which may contain plant material as this may contribute to its spread.

For further details on Japanese Knotweed and its treatment please see the information leaflet in the downloads.

LiDAR Surveys completed

May 2017

Bluesky Ireland recently carried out a LiDAR survey of Midleton and the surrounding area. A sample of the Digital Surface Model and the Digital Terrain Model is presented below.

Figure 2 Digital Terrain Model

The Digital Surface Model includes terrain features, buildings, vegetation etc. while the Digital Terrain Model represents the bare earth / underlying terrain of the earth's surface. Both sets of data is available in resolutions down to 0.5m grid sizes. This data will be used to represent the floodplain of the Owenacurra and Dungourney river catchments, which will form part of the 2-dimensional component of the hydraulic model.

Geophysics, Hydrographic and LiDAR Surveys.

April 2017

A Geophysics survey will be carried out in the vicinity of Midleton by Apex Surveys. The Geophysics survey will assist in the geotechnical investigation of the Flood Relief Scheme.

A Hydrographic river section and hydraulic structures survey is also being commissioned and this will be carried out in the vicinity of Midleton, along the Owenacurra River and its tributaries. This survey will facilitate the hydraulic model development of the Flood Relief Scheme.

A LiDAR survey will be carried out in the vicinity of Midleton by Bluesky International Limited. The LiDAR survey will facilitate the hydraulic model development and flood mapping of the Flood Relief Scheme.

Midleton Flood Relief Scheme - Public Information Day 1.

The first Public Information Day for the Midleton Flood Relief Scheme was held on 23rd March 2017 in the Midleton Park Hotel between 3.00pm and 8.00pm.

Members of the public were invited to attend and make their views and comments known to the project's design team.

An information leaflet, questionnaire and a set of information posters are available in the downloads area.

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