Midleton Flood Relief Scheme

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Information Leaflets

Information Leaflet November 2017

Japanese Knotweed

Japenese Knotweed.pdf

Summary Updates

Progress Update June 2019.pdf

Progress Update May 2019.pdf

Progress Update April 2019.pdf

Progress Update Jan 2019.pdf

Councillor Updates Nov 2018.pdf

Councillor Updates Oct 2018.pdf

Progress Update September 2018.pdf

Progress Update July 2018.pdf

Progress Update June 2018.pdf

Progress Update May 2018.pdf

Progress Update March 2018.pdf

Progress Update January 2018.pdf

Progress Update December 2017.pdf

Progress Update November 2017.pdf

Progress Update August 2017.pdf

Progress Update July 2017.pdf

Progress Update June 2017.pdf

Progress Update May 2017.pdf

Progress Update March 2017.pdf

Progress Update April 2017.pdf

Public Information Day No. 1 Documents

Public Information Day No 1 Brochure.pdf

Public Information Day No 1 Posters.pdf

Public Information Day No 1 Questionnnaire.pdf

Presentation given at Municipal District Meeting in Midleton on 6th March 2017

Presentation Municipal District Meeting .pdf

Constraints Assessment

Constraints Report Issue 2.pdf

Latest news

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